How To Figure Out Your Strengths

How To Figure Out Your Strengths

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Arguably the biggest key to success is identifying your strengths and knowing how to use them. Understanding what you’re good at, and the talents you possess, enables you to leverage them, helping set you apart. But figuring out exactly what those unique capabilities are isn’t easy. Unless you’re an Olympic athlete or accomplished pianist, they might not be all that …

Motivational Psychology Explained

Motivational Psychology Explained In 300 Words

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2. Someone else wants you to – externally motivated The Internally motivated category can consist of activities like hobbies, eating, going on holiday or socialising. The externally motivated category can consist of activities like doing the dishes, studying or going to work. The reason for the slightly ambitious language like “basically only two” or “can consist of” is that internal …

5 Things you must have to land your dream job

5 Things You MUST Have To Land Your Dream Job

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Job hunting is never an easy process. It takes time to sift through job boards, scan over postings, and email prospective employers. But, when you finally find that ideal job, all your efforts feel worth it. 

 Then reality hits. There’s a lot of competition out there and standing out from the crowd isn’t easy. You’ve found your dream job; …

How You Can Study Better... by Singing Karaoke

How You Can Study Better… by Singing Karaoke?

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If you’re currently taking a course – or thinking about taking a course – you might find yourself thinking, “How will I ever find the time to study?” This is especially true for people who are trying to juggle their day jobs and their studies, or for stay-at-home mums who need to balance their house work with their homework. When …

How To Hack Your Routine And Create A+ Study Habits

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Bad habits, we all have them and we all wish we had better ones. I have a tendency to  procrastinate and at times it affects my time management on catastrophic levels. All nighters only days before my assessments are due. I actually got a good start on it weeks before so what happened?. Sigh! I’m sure you’ve been there too. …