Austudy Approved Courses

Austudy Approved Courses

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Looking at receiving Austudy payments and are on the hunt for Austudy approved courses? No problem, keep reading this post. Ok, so it’s a fact. If you want to receive Austudy payments whilst you are studying in your field, you need to pick one of Centrelink’s Austudy approved courses and meet the criteria that Centrelink has created. Along with Youth …

Why Studying an Online Course Will Benefit Your Career Opportunities and Help You Find Your Dream Job

Why Studying an Online Course Will Benefit Your Career Opportunities and Help You Find Your Dream Job

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So what could be some of the reasons why more Australian’s are studying online? According to the Sydney Morning Herald “Figures from the 2011 census show a 25 per cent jump since 2006, to 932,000 people studying at Australian universities with student numbers to soon soar to well over a million.To put that in context, in 1985, when the parents of …

How You Can Study Better... by Singing Karaoke

How You Can Study Better… by Singing Karaoke?

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If you’re currently taking a course – or thinking about taking a course – you might find yourself thinking, “How will I ever find the time to study?” This is especially true for people who are trying to juggle their day jobs and their studies, or for stay-at-home mums who need to balance their house work with their homework. When …

When Should You Start Looking for Better Pay?

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Are you unhappy with your salary? Do you usually feel disappointed when you get your paycheck? Are you tired of eating on the cheap every day? Payday should be exciting. You shouldn’t have to worry about your finances each time you receive your salary. If payday gets you down, it might be time for you to start looking for better …

How To Hack Your Routine And Create A+ Study Habits

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Bad habits, we all have them and we all wish we had better ones. I have a tendency to  procrastinate and at times it affects my time management on catastrophic levels. All nighters only days before my assessments are due. I actually got a good start on it weeks before so what happened?. Sigh! I’m sure you’ve been there too. …

Poverty and Education: The Unending Loop

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Poverty and education are locked into a vicious circle. Living in poverty makes it harder to get a good education (or any education), and a lack of an education means it’s more likely you’ll be (are) poor. And just like all those high school counsellor’s told us growing up, average income is substantially different for people of different education levels, …

Ten Everyday Lessons You Learn from Finance Courses

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With the global employment situation remaining shaky, and with employers of all sizes and types cutting back on the kinds of benefits offered, it makes sense for just about anyone to take some sort of finance course. After all, there are some incredibly valuable “everyday” lessons to learn. In fact, even those employers just mentioned have recognized the importance of …